Monday, January 29, 2007

Pictorial: Unboxing the Fujitsu P1610 (at last!)

Well, folks, here they are - the long overdue P1610 unboxing pics. Please note that this is the XP Tablet version, not the Vista version that will start shipping soon. Vista benchmarks haven't been very encouraging so far, and I wanted to keep my options open.

Stay tuned to this blog for full reviews of the unit itself, as well as two different Fujitsu cases.


digitaldion said...

Mmmmmm.... that is lovely! I thought it ran Tablet PC!? Am I mistaken?

I still have a little Sony Vaio U50... It is a lovely little machine, but I sorely miss the keyboard. I have been thinking of getting a Sony UX. However, they are scarce as hens teeth!

You can see a few pictures of my U50 compared to my 23" iMac here:


borax99 said...

Oops, sorry digitaldion, yes, I meant to say XP Tablet. Updating main post, thanks!

Scariest thing to me about the Sony UX is the crazy high-resolution on such a tiny screen. you might want to check the OQO Model 02, which looks like a pretty neat compromise...