Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Samson tries to tear down the walls of pro audio mobile recording

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I did extensive research on this type of product. The M-Audio unit had nice specs, but real-world reviews from web users gave me some serious concerns about build quality. The Marantz unit is bulky and a bit pricey. The older Edirol R-01 uses Compact Flash memory cards and looks uncomfortable to use. After eliminating the competition, and thanks to some serious wheedling, I received Edirol's R-09 as a gift, and boy does it ever live up to expectations !

Now, Samson's Zoom H4 enters the fray, and it looks like one sweet deal: 4-track recording, dual XLR inputs, phantom power, uncompressed WAV or selectable-bitrate MP3 recording, and more !

Did I mention it's about $100 cheaper than competing products in its category?

Product page:

You can find video of an interview with Samson's CEO on

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