Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Another heavyweight shows an e-book reader: heeeeere's Fuuuujitsu !

Unfortunately the incredibly cool images found on Akihabara News and provide next to no detailed information beyond the fact that the gadget is very lightweight. Well, whoopety-do!

Some things that might actually be useful to know:

  • Does Fujitsu's e-paper work like e-ink ? (i.e. very high-contrast, miserly battery utilization, etc.)
  • What file formats will the new device support?
  • The photos seem to indicate a fairly high degree of glare coming off the screen. If this is true, does the high glare impede readability?
  • When will it come to market?
  • Will it be released in North America?
  • Will it be affordable?

Hopefully, when the device is finally announced, we won't be looking at yet another online store where you can download overpriced e-books in a proprietary e-book format that can only be used on one hardware platform. Hello, Sony, Rex and Panasonic!

I know I'm repeating myself, but the only software platform worth a darn is the PDB format used by .

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