Sunday, September 17, 2006

Hey! Who killed the Pocket PC?

Somehow, over the past year and a half or so, the most high-powered Pocket PC PDA's have disappeared. Say goodbye to the good iPaq's (eg the hx4700), the Toshiba e800 and others. Everywhere you look, you see Smartphones and the like, a delightful move that reduces options for most consumers since mobile phones are often a corporate purchase and most of us don't get to pick the device our employer assigns to us. Meanwhile, so-called "consumer" PDA's are overpriced, fragile, and light on features and specs. If you're looking for the kind of mobile productivity a good Pocket PC provided, you almost have to go with a UMPC - which costs twice the price and has half the battery life. Sure, you can argue that UMPC's deliver more functionality, have fat hard drives, etc. All true, but the darn things are huge! It's probably just sour grapes on my part, but I miss the Pocket PC.

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