Sunday, September 17, 2006

Fujitsu to upgrade its ultra-portable Tablet

The Fujitsu P1510 is an extraordinarily nifty little convertible tablet, weighing in at about two pounds. Depressingly, at the time of its release, there was no room for a PCMCIA card, and the touchscreen digitizer was famously prone to registration errors. As I write this, Fujitsu is poised to release a major upgrade, to be called the P1610. See

Both of the above credit Hugo Ortega, Australia's tablet evangelist, for a first glimpse of the new device in a YouTube video. Unfortunately, it looks as though someone has pressured Hugo into removing the video. When you click on the YouTube link, you get a message saying it is a private video. I suspect Fujitsu wants to sell out its inventory of P1510's before rolling out the upgraded version...

Hugo's blog can be found at:

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Hugo Ortega said...

Hi All,

I wash pressured into pulling down the post. Stay tuned however as it will go back up.

BTW if you become one of my YouTube Friends you'll see the video!