Thursday, September 28, 2006

Bad software will kill you

Now here's a truly ugly idea: create a mobile face-recognition tool for soldiers designed to help them decide who's worth shooting in a crowd. There's a creepy logic to the idea; after all, decision support is nothing new, and I can see how you might think that if you see the same face at more than one protest march or demonstration, they may be more likely to be "opposition players." Still, the idea that software could come to take over the process of deciding to take a life is very scary. Think of the average soldier overseas right now; odds are he/she is in the 18- to 25- year old range, scared, and quite willing to pull the trigger to save their skin (understandably). Now you've gone and given that soldier an easy out. "It wasn't my idea to take him out, Sarge, the software gave me 90% probability he was al-Qaeda..."

See the Engadget story below:

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